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Oriental Art Exhibition Comes to Kris at Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai

Art lovers in Dubai will be treated to some of the finest Asian art produced in the city as seven internationally and locally groomed artists from Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) come together in a rare Oriental Art Exhibition. The two-week long exhibition is set to premier at Kris Restaurant on November 21 in Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai and will run until December 3, 2012.

 The fantastic collaboration has resulted in a beautiful collection of paintings that fit in perfectly with the spirit and mood of Kris – a gorgeous Asian restaurant. Mr Scott Butcher, General Manager, Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai, said, “Kris offers diners a feast for all senses – be it the music, the aroma, the taste, the touch or the breath-taking view; all come together for a unique experience. And art is an essential aspect of this wholesome treat. In keeping with the décor and style of Kris, Oriental paintings would definitely add to its appeal. We are truly grateful to DIAC for choosing this venue and hope our diners will enjoy the exhibits.”

Less is considered more in Oriental art. The works on display range from stimulating Chinese landscapes to muted bamboo in black ink paintings, abstract expressions and contemporary Japanese art. Blooming and fading gardens, solitary birds, bees and kitten, moonlit night, man in contemplative mood all come alive in inks, drawings and oil paint.

The artists participating in the Oriental Art Exhibition at Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai include:

Machiko Aiba
Born in Japan, Machiko has lived in Dubai for almost three decades.  Having studied Japanese traditions from the tea ceremony to Ikebana, moving onto Oriental art in the forms of Japanese calligraphy and Chinese & Japanese painting was a natural progression of her interests.  Her main topics of interest in Chinese painting are Japanese flora such as cherry blossoms and peonies, as well as small animals and birds.

Violette Cheng Posth

Violette Cheng Posth is French Chinese and has lived in Dubai since 1996. During her time in Dubai, she has introduced the ancient art of Chinese Brush Painting to the multinational society here by teaching and has held 5 successful exhibitions, 3 jointly with her students to showcase their achievements with this ancient form of art. She has created her own style by blending Chinese brush painting techniques with Sumi-e, another form of Japanese ink painting, making her works unique, expressing a form of calmness and tranquility.

 Kelly Neilson

 Kelly originally began learning the arts of Sumi-e and Chinese brush painting in order to feel connected to her Okinawan ancestry. Five years later, she uses painting as a means of meditation and relaxation. Japanese Sumi-e is her personal favorite, as she loves the way the negative space in the painting is as beautiful and as considered as the positive space.

Liz Sandford

 Liz, formerly a Design Technology teacher from the UK, has been painting Chinese Brush Painting since the early part of 2009.  She feels that her previous experience of painting in Water colour, silk painting and Ikebana have helped her adapt to this exciting art form. Liz enjoys the peace and tranquility of the creative process along with the camaraderie of like-minded artists.

Jeff Schofield

Jeff is an American architect who also studied painting at the Beaux Arts while living in Paris, France. He began studying Chinese calligraphy and watercolors fifteen years ago. Now a resident of Dubai, Jeff is painting at a big scale, combining bamboo, lotus, and other traditional Oriental subjects. He has developed a personal spontaneous style by studying ancient masters.

 Rachel Yew

 Rachel is Chinese Malaysian and has lived and worked in Dubai since 2006. Growing up, the walls of her home have long been adorned with Chinese scroll paintings, her very first one chosen by herself at the age of 6 while holidaying in Taiwan. What Rachel enjoys most about Chinese brush painting is reconnecting with her Chinese roots and developing a deeper appreciation for this art form, understanding its subtleties and strong symbolism at the same time.

Neeraja Murthy

Neeraja, who is from India moved to Dubai in 1998 and holds a career as a management consultant. She has always admired the serene and subtle strokes of Sumi-e and Chinese Brush Painting, and took up the art in 2009. She finds the experience relaxing and fulfilling, and makes sure to take time out to paint regularly despite her busy schedule. She loves to paint the traditional bamboo, lotus and peony as well as mystic and challenging landscapes.

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